Sévalìe is a small brand dedicated to making sure our carbon foot print is low.
In order to do this we have opted for a more sustainable way of manufacturing our bikinis.
Here at Sévalìe we’ve chosen REPREVE which is now the leading fibre in sustainability, turning over 26 billion
plastic bottles (and counting) found on landfills and beaches into something wearable, instead of seeing them in the oceans.

It takes over 450 years for plastic bottles to decompose - can you imagine the amount of which they are already being manufactured to ending up in landfills and on your favourite sandy beaches, and not to mention in the ocean. Some of the leading causes of the ecosystem within the ocean polluting, is toxic chemicals from industries, sewage, oil spills and littering...etc.

It’s no doubt that now more than ever we must preserve and take care of the species that are vulnerable to humans toxic habits, theses habits spill into our oceans and pollute so much of the overall environment.

REPREVE is a high quality certified fibre made with plastic bottles and other post-industrial waste.
REPREVE boasts breathability , comfort and stretch all in the one. If you’d like to learn more about this click
here -

Please take your time to remember when purchasing the bikinis why it’s important to continue to create spaces that value sustainability and transparency.

Thank you so much for choosing to buy with Sévalìe, we look forward to seeing you again.

Sévalìe Team x x